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 Hello!  I'm Troy Frey, aka 'The Quoitmaster'.  I live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, in the heart of the 'Pennsylvania Dutch Country'.  This page links you to all of my websites, which explore some of my  hobbies,  interests, and projects I entertain myself with when I have a little spare time on my hands.  Feel free to look around and maybe even discover something new!  You may even email me with any comments or requests by clicking on the animated icon at left. 
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Come See, Hear, and FEEL a Great Movie in an

Awesome Basement Home Theater !


An impressive Home theater system is now installed in the basement of my home in Manheim, PA. It features a

powerful 3000 Watt 5.1 audio system and a 120" movie screen!


A select movie is shown on one Thursday evening each month

A Saturday night showing during that same week is also

possible if there is enough demand for a second showing -

so that more guests may fit the event into their schedule.


Scheduled Dates & Movie Selections

RSVPs, Information, Directions, Photos of Theater



A Photo Spread of my Favorite Car 

with Cylon-Themed Mods and Accesories


A fun car modification project imitating

features of Cylon Raiders and Centurions

from SyFy Channel's Battlestar Gallactica Series


"The Cylons look like us now...

They're not just Frakkin' Toasters anymore..."


quoits.info / quoitpits.com

'The Quoit Pits' of Eastern Pennsylvania


The Authority on Traditional American Quoits

The Outdoor Adult Pitching Game of

4 Pound Steel, Brass, and Bronze Quoits


Explore the competitive American game of Quoits - the predecessor to Horseshoe Pitching. This game is still popular in Eastern Pennsylvania.  History, Rules, constructing pits, where to buy, photos, and articles, all dedicated to spreading the popularity of this ancient and unique sport. 

Featuring 'The Pitching Dutchmen of Lancaster County'

 & Other North American Quoit Clubs  



Pitching Dutchmen

Quoit Club